Bistro: an all in one cat feeder and health monitor

Our cats are as important as anyone else living at our place, and that is why they too require special attention. That is exactly what Bistro helps ensure.


Believe it or not, cats eat every day. Despite this, how much they do eat depends on what the owner decides, and as anything that involves humans, we sometimes overdo it or don’t do it enough. That is why a group of cat lovers created Bistro, the ultimate cat feeder that ensures that taking care of your kitty friend is done just right via the proper use of technology.

Bistro uses a built-in camera that streams to a server capable of running face-recognition software (yes, face-recognition for cats!) and then dispenses food for them. If a different cat tries to trigger it, a smartphone app will let the owner know, and even allow him to change setting or decide on the fly. Bistro uses weight sensors, and keeps track a pet’s ingest levels, letting owners know how to keep the feline happy and healthy. Furthermore, the app allows users to see the feeding history and water intake, which is fantastic for the purpose of keeping track of the cat’s behavior. Learn more about Bistro in the video below.

Via Gizmag

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