Pinball machine desk: goodbye, productivity

A cool part of old arcades that is not romanticized are old pinball machines. If you miss them as much as we do, here’s how you can bring them to your work place.


Behold as a mere desk becomes a center of entertainment that guarantees you won’t leave the office before time. This is an old pinball machine that got turned into a desk by mastermind Tim Sway, from Wallingford, Connecticut.

That’s sort of what Tim Sway does best: he grabs old stuff and turns it into stylish furniture. This project was itself based off of a classic Charlie’s Angels machine on which Sway removed the components, added drawers, cabinets, and ornaments. Also, he had to cut down the legs a bit to make it stay flat. Check the whole process in the video below these lines.

Via Technabob

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