Mario Warp Pipe Climbing Box Is a Geeky Version of a Cat Tree

Even though cat trees are most often custom built by the owners of these pretentious animals, few are the ones who prove to get really creative. Fortunately, the maker of this kitten condo turned to Super Mario for inspiration.

I have to admit, I’m not a cat person and never will be, but this doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate the way some geek ditched normal cat tree design and went for a Super Mario theme. I can’t get past how much this kitty condo resembles the one my fellow writer Bernie wrote about back in July (the Super Mario cat complex). Still, this doesn’t mean that one of the authors stole the idea from the other, but simply that both of them felt an inexplicable attraction for the warp pipes from Super Mario and decided to design a climbing box based on them.

The author of this geeky cat tree, who goes by the name WesWoodward on imgur, made an entire album detailing the steps needed for building it. If you own a cat, you should check out this album, even if you don’t intend to build one immediately. On the imgur page, Wes Woodward also admits to have been inspired by etsy user CatastrophiCreations, the author of the Super Mario cat complex, hence the similarities.

From the first picture, you might have deducted that the cat climber is placed at a rather great height, and if you did, you wouldn’t be far from the truth. The cats have to initially climb on some sort of a chair to get to the lower pipe. Since Wes lined the pipes with climbing-friendly sisal twine, the cats shouldn’t have any problems getting up there. Of course, after climbing up the first pipe, the cats will have to get through the horizontal portion of the box. Next, they can easily go up the second pipe, thus way reaching the surface, where they can relax all day long. Did you think even for a second that cats do anything else besides relaxing all day long? In that case, you don’t know how wrong you are!

The Mario warp pipe climbing box is a delight to look at, and I think it’s a pity Wes didn’t shoot a video of his cats playing around in it. That would’ve definitely made the day of many cat-owning geeks out there.

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