Black Friday Deals: The Best of ZAGG’s Products

The holiday season is upon us and with it is the best time of the year to shop! Black Friday is one of the most known shopping days and its a great time to find great deals, discount gadgets and, of course, shop for Christmas.

There are some great deals out there and sometimes since you have so much options its easy to get lost in all of them and choose the best ones. Here on Walyou we thought to bring you some of Zagg’s greatest top seller products, if you are a loyal Walyou reader it’s not the first time you’ve heard their amazing products, but if its your first time hearing this name you should defiantly learn it and explore their awesome and quality line on products.

Beside their special deals and discounts all year ends, especially for Black Friday ZAGG is giving away a free iPad!! every hour, yes every hour one iPad! and giving away free Earbuds headphones with every purchase of $19.99 or more,  not bad..  🙂

Zagg Sparq

With this great little gizmo you’ll never have to worry about your battery life again. Almost all of us know the feeling, we really need to make that call or to check something online and just when we need it, the battery is dead.. and of cours we are outside and have no place to charge our device … great ha? No more, with this ZAGGsparq provides you an ultra-fast portable backup power, between 1 and 4 backup charges for a smartphone (depending on model).

All you need to do is charge is fully and you are good to go, it will charge your iOS devices and most Android smartphones and tablets in optimal speed. It retails between $39.99-$99.99

ZAGGkeys PRO and ZAGGkeys PROplus

The ZAGGkeys PRO and PROplus are ultra-thin Bluetooth ultimate keyboard for your tablet or iPad. Both keyboards are patented and provide one of the thinnest tablet keyboard accessories available currently on the market. This is truly your tablet/iPad best friend which will give you a new and slick experience while using your device. It retails between $99.99-$129.99




If you are looking for a great set of headphones , your search is over. This In-ear headphone are combining the convenience and quality of digital music with top-of-the-line equipment, the clear, balanced sound of ZAGGsmartbuds let gadget lovers get the most out of their devices. The ZAGG SMARTbuds retail for $49.99

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