BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing Becomes Available in App World

BlackBerry’s dedicated Mobile Conferencing application has been officially released in the App World, following a three week stage in the Beta Zone.

The app allows for easy conference calling from your BlackBerry, and since it was developed by RIM itself, it’s well integrated with many of the platform’s native apps. This includes full integration with the Calendar app, making scheduling and joining calls a relatively simple task. For example, you can store your personal conference bridge details in the Calendar to easily schedule conference calls. Your host code is hidden so participants only see the information they need to join.

Other primary features include a ‘Join Now’ system: when it’s time for a conference call to start, a reminder notification will allow you to join the call without needing to dial any numbers or access codes. You can also ‘Reconnect,’ which is a one click solution to rejoin a call if you are disconnected.

Of course, you have to ask, how does BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing compare to other similar conference calling applications?

In many ways, it lacks many of the features and finesse of Advanced Conference Call (also available in the App World). For example, it includes SMS notifications to all participants, more customizable reminders, and supports more devices.

However, you’ll have to go through a third party calendar-style app to manage and schedule the conferences. The incredible BlackBerry integration that comes with apps developed by Research in Motion itself gives a higher level of convenience to the BlackBerry experience. For Advanced Conference Call, you’ll also need to pay a hefty price: $19.99.

You can download BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing for any device running OS 5.0 or later in the App World for free.

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