Ode to a gadget (out of box experience)

When I left the store I gripped the cardboard box with the shopping bag surrounding it. Stepping into the car, I made sure the bag was placed comfortably in the passenger seat, carefully arranging it so it would not slide, bump, or jump on the drive home. During the long trip home, I kept stealing looks at the passenger seat, sometimes touching the box as if making sure it still existed. The anticipation of arriving home to open the new laptop killed me. ‘Was anyone home, will I be left alone, can I enjoy this new gadget without any interruption?’

Finally, something that belonged to me, which was going to be mine, all mine. It was a perfect day for this as well. I arranged a day off ahead of time, so I may spend quality time with my laptop, realize what it can do for me, and how I will use it – an amazing relationship had begun.

I drove in the garage, and it closed automatically behind me. I stepped out of the driver’s seat and approached the passenger door. I opened the door and grabbed the bag cautiously with both hands, quickly stepping into the house. Once inside, I yell at an empty house, seeking some response to let me know if I am indeed alone. No response. With the box in my hands, I quickly ran upstairs to my room and shut the door behind with my foot. As soon as the door slammed, I knew that it would not be opened for hours. I removed the box from the bag and placed it on my bed, allowing it to be comfortable and rested before the love affair began.

I kicked the dirty clothes that were on my carpet away, making sure the space was not imposing. I turned on the night lamp and shut the blinds. The laptop box was lying on my bed, settled in its quiet serenity. I brought it to the floor and slowly removed the outer scotch tape, as to not damage the cardboard. Once it was open, I sneaked a peak inside, and quickly removed the manuals. My hands could not stop shaking as I took out the laptop and placed it in front of me.

I breathed in and realized the time has arrived. It was finally time to enjoy my computer, which I have been waiting for so patiently. I previously read reviews, compared prices and talked to every “expert” I could find. I even determined the location and time of purchase, so as to be left alone exploring it. The beautiful, smooth curves of the notebook began at the top of the screen, moving to the rigid bottom, which is the powerhouse and brain of the operation. The back of the screen had a plastic cover to protect it from scratches. I smiled at the prospect of it being protected on its way to me.

I unlatched the screen and opened it to a completely dark, pitch black view. The power button was pressed, and the screen lit up, smiling at me. I returned the smile, and the conversation began. A wonderful connection has finally been realized.

When I purchase a new gadget, the out of box experience is exciting. If someone else felt this way with their gadgets, please share it.