Our Blog Day Picks!

We previously mentioned the celebration of Blog Day (Technorati)

As promised, here are our five picks of Blogs:

  • 1938media Loren Feldman is a little off the wall. He tapes his opinions of different subjects that are sometimes humorous and other times hostile. His abrasive yet honest presentations are definitely full of valuable content, which are sometimes also thought provoking. One may admit that his thought patterns on the different subjects are very creative.
  • Blonde2.0 is a great place for Online Entrepreneurs. She writes about online communities, social networks, and provides interesting commentary on the latest developments in the world of Web 2.0. Furthermore, she personally responds to her user’s comments, which gives a genuine personal feel to her Blog.
  • Doane Paper is versatile in the posts it offers. Some of its previous posts include: recommendations of personal music list selections, reviews and announcements of various accessories, touching current events and also information about its own designed doane paper. The latter is writing paper which “combines the benefits of lined and grid paper onto a single sheet”
  • The Marketing Nirvana Blog of Mario Sundar is an interesting area to read about Community Evangelism. He also owns the same position on LinkedIn, the online professional network. A number of intriguing areas are touched here, such as: communities, social networks, and marketing. For those interested in such subjects, Mario posts remarkable articles that include actual valuable industry information. He is also very good at responding to questions of the readers.
  • Reviews and More As the title suggests, a place for reviews and more. Easy and fun to read reviews of many different subjects, such as books, music, websites, movies, TV shows, and more. The posts are well written and provide actual value to the reader.

Please take a look at these, and we hope you enjoy them. In addition, we would like to hear of other Blogs that other’s are reading as well. So please let us know of your five favorites and/or any you recommend to others.

Thank you,

The Walyou Team