Sometimes What You See Is NOT What You Get!

Beware when buying a USB drive outside regular computer stores or through street vendors. Sometimes it can be a scam! We deserve to get what we paid for but sometimes it goes too far. The picture by gigatigga easily shows a fake USB flash drive opened to illustrate why it would not work. This is not the first time I heard of this scam.

A good friend of mine bought a Sony 4GB flash drive in China, but when he came back home he discovered that it simply did not work. Of course Sony didn’t have anything to do with it. It was simply fraud by the street vendor. My friend is one out of many customers that encountered such experiences. Running a simple Google search on such incidents, I found many examples from users saying that people sold them fake USB drives on the street, on the internet, and even on eBay. So if you consider buying such electronics, please read users’ comments and do not be tempted by price alone.