How To Hack a 6 Volt Lantern Battery!

Update: Based on user’s feedback, we noticed that the 6V battery hack (with video below) is a hoax. The 12 V battery hack with the link below is possible though. Please accept our apologies.

We previously posted a video that showed how to turn a 12v battery into eight small 1.5v to power up small electronics (here).

Today’s cool video shows quickly how to hack a 6 volt lantern battery to 32 AA sized ones. Since AA batteries are so popular, this simple trick can easily help you save hundreds of dollars a year. The reason is that the approximate price of a 6v lantern battery is only $5.

There is an additional video on Youtube demonstrating that this may not work with every lantern battery (here).

If you know how to determine which batteries the video below is for, please let everyone know within the comments.

Enjoy the video!

Via: Lifehacker