Make your very own iPod dock

There are so many different portable electronics that we use, such as: an iPod, PSP, PDA, cell phone, etc. They all have different docks, cases, and additional accessories available, and these could get really expensive. Now you can easily make your very own iPod dock…inexpensively. One of the following two ways even costs less that a dollar.

Many innovators began creating cool looking charging docks using Legos. If you have some Lego building blocks lying around the house and would like a colorful dock, you can find the directions for the original iPod Nano dock at Instructables (here).

The other method is just as simple. Besides the gadget and cable, the only items required for this project are a binder clip and a rubber band (both together amounting to less than a buck). The descriptive and visual instructions are also provided through Instructables (here). I must admit that this actual dock doesn’t seem too sturdy, but based on comments it seems strong enough for iPods and other small portables. It would probably not be suggested for items that are really heavy. This is why gadgets such as iPods or cell phones are ideal.

If you end up building an iPod dock using one of these methods (or others), please email us the pictures.

Via: Lifehacker

Picture by yichuanshen (Creative Commons)