Create a Zune folder for easy drag and drop

Here is a nice little hack for Microsoft Zune fans. This hack shows you how to create a Zune folder straight in the file browser, which allows easy drag and drop of media. Besides the mobility it allows for building and loading your library, this could help restore music and videos in case of a major computer crash. In addition, this makes the Zune become a really convenient external hard drive.

The video tutorial below shows a step by step how to get this done.

Please let us know how it went for you.

[Update: We were informed that the video has been removed. If it does not work, please try the additional video beneath the original, or you can check here]

12 thoughts on “Create a Zune folder for easy drag and drop

  1. Eran Abramson.

    Hi Bob, thank you for your visit.

    I do not have the new Zune as of yet. Please consult with the maker of the video shown above for intricate assistance regarding creating a drag and drop folder. You may reach their page by simply clicking ON the video and be directed to their Youtube page.

  2. Dave.

    As already mentioned, I’ve tried the suggestion in the second comment, but still no success. Either way, I guess I feel fine without the mod… hopefully firmware 2.0 will make up such sorrow 🙂

  3. Eran Abramson.

    Hello Marshall, Dylan, and Dave, thank you for the comments. I am happy this tip helped you out.

    @Dave: Please take a look at the second comment above, for it may assist you with that problem. I will contact you by email for further assistance.

  4. Dave.

    Thanks a bunch for this mod! I’ve always really wanted a drag and drop Zune, however, there came across another problem. I am able to drag the stuff OFF from the Zune, but I still have a pop-up error saying that I do not have permission to create that item.

    I actually followed the instructions to shutting down the Zune executable through the task menu, and it is actually still connected using Windows Explorer. This actually only allowed me to take files OFF of the Zune, and no way to upload new files. Any ideas?

    (By the way, thanks again!)

  5. Eran Abramson.

    Hello Odysseus, please try the following for debugging:
    [Quote of GenCollado]:
    “For you guys having the problem (“locked Zune problem”), you must open task manager and when syncing half way, quickly end process. It will be stuck at “synchronizing” in the zune itself and will think that windows explorer is your zune app. Now you can sync ANYTHING on the zune.”

    I will email you further directions. Hope this helps.


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