Go Green With USBCell Rechargeable Batteries

Are the days of recharging our batteries via a regular charger about to come to an end? Can you imagine yourself reading this post and on the very same time charging your AA batteries on your laptop or desktop computer?

With time passing by so is technology advancing. Moixa Energy Ltd. has developed the USBCELL battery which is a revolutionary technology that allows recharging the batteries simply by plugging them into a USB port. Their NiMH AA cell battery can be used like any normal battery that is available at the stores.

According to the company, there are over 15 billion alkaline batteries made and thrown away each year, the outcome of that is wasted resources, carbon dioxide (C02) and toxic landfill. The USBCELL offers an eco-friendly alternative – since no charger adapter or cable is needed, their batteries can be reused hundreds of times.

The average price of two USBCELL Batteries stands at $23. Within Moxia’s future product pipeline are: further formats, fashion batteries in designer colors, advanced cells and USBCELL for phones, cameras and other devices.

15 thoughts on “Go Green With USBCell Rechargeable Batteries

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  4. Tal Siach Post author.

    Hey Mike, thanks for the comment.
    Moixa mentions that their battery needs to charge for only a few minutes to be able to power up some small gadgets for a few hours.

    I’m currently not aware of any software that comes with these batteries. There may be a chance that the battery was made with built-in software since it comes with a built-in charger.

    The idea of showing how much power is left in the battery seems pretty cool, if this is not in the works, perhaps you are on to something with this idea!

  5. Mike.

    Even with the high price and low capacity, I’m sold. I think this is a fantastic idea that is only going to get better as the technology advances. Any chance of an application to let you see/tweak the charge levels etc. of the batteries using your computer?

  6. Tal Siach Post author.

    Hey Y and Qwok, thank you for the comments, we thought it was an awesome invention as well.

    Qwok: a USB hub may be used in order not to take up every USB slot, moreover some electronics may be used, such as certain DVD players and game consoles, especially because these USB ports are not used as much as in our computers. I totally agree with you that the price is high and capacity may not be as strong as we would like, but since technology is getting better, I think both of these will improve.

  7. qwok.

    Sounds like a nice idea, but you need one USB port per battery unless you can afford the time to recharge them all one at a time. Also expensive and low capacity.


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