Card sized MP3 player

Card Sized Mp3 PlayerA convenient MP3 player by UsbBrando, that literally fits in your pocket, wallet or purse. The USB Flash Card MP3 Player is only 4.5 mm thick, so it is extremely mobile and handy, just like a credit card. It comes with 2GB storage capacity, so there is definitely enough room for music on the go. The current price…$42.

The package includes the player, USB sync cable, earphones, driver CD, manual and charger, and you can have your name and company logo put on it.

Without adding unnecessary parts and features, this player is small, stylish, and innovative, making it both a convenient and practical device.

7 thoughts on “Card sized MP3 player

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  3. Neece.

    This thing is awesome. I can’t believe how far we are going at such a fast pace in terms of size and storage.
    I have to say though, I prefer something a bit bigger, both in terms of physical size so that I can easily use it and not feel that I will break it, and also in capacity. 2gb is too small for me, but that’s because I podcast I guess.
    Still this is a great alternative to the Nano.

  4. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hey Shyguy and TeeJ, thank you for your comments.

    @Shyguy: True, it is a good alternative to many mp3 players because of its size and capacity. I am only wondering about its durability.

    @TeeJ: Yeah, it’s a neat little player. UsbBrando sells this and other gadgets directly at their site.


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