The Nintendo Wii brings people together

If you haven’t heard yet…Nintendo Wii sales have passed the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony Playstation 3 (here). Passing the Xbox in sales is actually amazing, since the Wii was released a whole year after. With the competitors having more processing power, better graphics, and powerful branding, how has the Wii ended up doing so well?

The Wii simply brings people together!

The Nintendo Wii console is focused on remarkable usability and fun. Its games are not as graphically advanced as the others, but allow a child, adult and senior to play and compete with one another. The literal hands on approach requires you to do more than just push buttons. In a tennis match, you must move toward the ball and swing; when bowling, the speed of the throw is determined by your effort; while boxing, you must guard and swing in order to survive. Since the games require further physical interaction from its players, the involvement and enjoyment are enhanced.

So how does it bring people together?

The games are simply more fun with more players – the movements, the actions, the competition is heightened. In addition, different people are now playing: couples, families, and seniors. I actually read that the Nintendo Wii is highly enjoyed by the senior community as well as others (here). The enhanced interaction of the games makes it so enjoyable for anyone picking up the Wiimote. Furthermore, this abundance of new players is also bringing strangers together. Some examples are: Wiimbledon, cruise ships adding it for entertainment (here), Wii Fight Clubs, and this great Wii commercial below. Seems Nintendo has done something right.

Do you own a Nintendo Wii, or have previously played it? Please share your experiences.

15 thoughts on “The Nintendo Wii brings people together

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  5. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hey “Just me”, thank you for the comment.

    The Wii may be a gimmick to bring non-gamers in, but I don’t see anything wrong with that. Finally there is a certain common language between gamers and non-gamers.

    For major gamers, the “dumbing” down of the games is not acceptable, and so they are playing PS3, Xbox 360 and computers. The Wii is for a wider and more diverse audience with games that are mostly not as graphic intelligent but are considered more “fun” to non-gamers.

    It’s simply an independent choice for the consumers – make the choice based on what you look for, not just what is offered.

  6. Just me.

    Does no one else catch the fact that the Wii is a gimmick to bring in the “Non-gamers” into a proper “Gamer” market?

    Do you guys really want your Ninja Gaiden’s and Shinobi’s dumbed down to accomodate those who can’t tell the Joystick from the TV rmeote?

    Wait a tick…with the Wii, that’s an actual problem for some people.

  7. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hey Shyguy, thanks for the visit.
    So true – Casual gamers have now become fans. It is more about the user’s experience then the graphics…the Wii certainly proved so.

  8. shyguy_2004.

    The Wii has definitely accomplished what the other two next generation game consoles don’t: bringing casual gamers to play video games more often. All different ages play on the Wii, and as mentioned by others already in the comments, graphics aren’t everything when it comes to attracting people to play.

  9. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hi Cameron, Lisa and Kat…thank you for your visits and comments.

    @Cameron: True. The Wii proved that graphics are not the most important thing, and the add-ons are simply amazing; they give so much more enjoyment. If you are interested, we have previously posted a DIY project including a video to make a Wii Balance Board yourself for approximately $20 (here). If you end up making it yourself, let us know.

    @Lisa: Wow, I think you were hooked from the beginning, becoming a gamer thanks to the Wii. In your case the Wii did truly bring your family together. Which games are most enjoyed by you and your family?

    @kat: That commercial is truly so fun. Nintendo took a different route with it. They highlighted the interactions of different individuals, not the graphics.
    It seems you can’t wait to finally get one. I really hope that you get your hands on the Wii soon and finally have it in your own home.

  10. kat.

    First off, that Wii commercial you posted is awesome!!
    I, too, couldn’t resist when my husband said he wanted one. Because I want one just as bad. We have been looking for one for about a month now but they are all sold out in stores near us. I think we’ll order one online in the next few days. We were at a friend’s home one late night and everyone started playing Tennis on the Wii. My husband, Lars got up to play for the 1st time and he absolutely loved it and really got into it. Like the others said, it’s wonderful that it’s a physical game and enjoyable for all ages.
    I can’t wait till we get one for our home and hook it up to the big screen.

  11. Lisa McClure.

    This is sooo true. I am not a gamer. When my husband wanted a Wii I said sure because he just was so excited about it I couldn’t say no. “It’s the first step on to the holideck!” … maybe it was the Star Trek reference I couldn’t resist.

    The day he actually found one and brought it home we started playing. It was about 7 in the morning. By 8 I demanded that we purchase another remote and pick up more games.

    By 11 our neice was over, noon the grandparents were over, by 2 everyone else.

    We played all day. Ages ranging from 5-65.

    As an avid blogger my husband would post about new games that he acquired … and low and behold various friends would just start to stop by.

    The Wii is great fun and it’s group fun for all to enjoy. It is AWESOME!!!

  12. Cameron.

    Wii is so awesome. The Wii blows both of the other next generation systems out of the water is every way except graphics. For years, consoles have been considered “Improved” again and again simply by improving the graphics again and again. Finally, Nintendo improved their system by adding something different than just better graphics. Nintendo is soon releasing the Balance Board that will be used in many Exercise Games aimed at an older audience, however – the board can also be used to simulate riding a skateboard or a snowboard as well. Nintendo also has countless add-ons for the “Wii-motes” such as a Tennis racket that the remote can plug into, thus making playing tennis easier and more enjoyable. They also use plug-ons like a Sword, a Pistol, a Rifle (To be released soon), Golf Club, Baseball Bat, and many many more. Its more than obvious that Nintendo Wii really is the TRUE next generation of gaming.

  13. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hello Diane and Neece, thank you for your visit.

    @Diane: The tennis game gets many turned on to the Wii. Hopefully you will receive one for your birthday.

    @Neece: I have previously played the Playstation and Xbox and have enjoyed them both, but the multi-player games on the Wii are more exciting.

  14. Neece.

    I don’t have one… yet. But I want one. And that’s a first. I’ve never wanted a playstation or xbox. I’ve never played either and have no desire to. But I think the Wii is awesome and I think I could really enjoy it, and maybe get a bit of exercise while I’m at it! I mean, you get to move around, you don’t just sit like a lump on a log.

  15. Diane.

    I arranged to meet a friend to play tennis but it rained on the day so we went to her house for coffee instead. We ended up playing tennis on her son’s Wii and apart from feeling very silly at first – it was brilliant fun! I want one (birthday coming up – hint!)


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