The Nintendo Wii brings people together

If you haven’t heard yet…Nintendo Wii sales have passed the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony Playstation 3 (here). Passing the Xbox in sales is actually amazing, since the Wii was released a whole year after. With the competitors having more processing power, better graphics, and powerful branding, how has the Wii ended up doing so well?

The Wii simply brings people together!

The Nintendo Wii console is focused on remarkable usability and fun. Its games are not as graphically advanced as the others, but allow a child, adult and senior to play and compete with one another. The literal hands on approach requires you to do more than just push buttons. In a tennis match, you must move toward the ball and swing; when bowling, the speed of the throw is determined by your effort; while boxing, you must guard and swing in order to survive. Since the games require further physical interaction from its players, the involvement and enjoyment are enhanced.

So how does it bring people together?

The games are simply more fun with more players – the movements, the actions, the competition is heightened. In addition, different people are now playing: couples, families, and seniors. I actually read that the Nintendo Wii is highly enjoyed by the senior community as well as others (here). The enhanced interaction of the games makes it so enjoyable for anyone picking up the Wiimote. Furthermore, this abundance of new players is also bringing strangers together. Some examples are: Wiimbledon, cruise ships adding it for entertainment (here), Wii Fight Clubs, and this great Wii commercial below. Seems Nintendo has done something right.

Do you own a Nintendo Wii, or have previously played it? Please share your experiences.