Easy Nokia codes

Cell phones have become an extremely popular product these days. Their portability, combined with current connectivity, makes them the perfect device for the next step of Internet adoption. Some ambitious projects such as the iPhone, Ooma and Nokia’s Mosh are indicators that the industry is innovating, and many others are focusing exclusively on developing applications for our cell phones.

Instead of rehashing all this information in the blog, I looked for a different angle. I have included a few simple Nokia codes that I found useful in the past and perhaps some of you will as well.

  • *#92702689# provides you with warranty information, such as: serial number, total amount of time used, and dates of production, purchase, and last repair
  • *#7780# restores the default factory settings
  • *#7370# will format the software of your phone – A new start
  • *#67705646# may get rid of the annoying operator logo

With so many codes out there, are there any others that you have found useful?

Via: The Cell Freak, Picture by Jo Salmon (Creative Commons)