Freeware for Windows and Mac

Why make a purchase when you can have something better for free?

My Dad always told me that you have to pay for quality, but with the Internet today, I am just not sure about that. With more individuals sharing their Intellectual Property on the web, and the Creative Commons rights only in the beginning steps, the net has become an enormous library of free software that keeps being updated and improved.

A friend of mine, Bonnie, sent me a great list of Windows freeware from the Designcreatology Blog, that you may browse through easily (here). You may find Internet browsers, music players, security tools, TV tuners and more. Some examples are:

  • is a multi-platform and multilingual office suite that is open source for your needs.
  • AVG that was created by Grisoft, is a free antivirus software for Windows and Linux, which is competing with Norton and McAfee.
  • Comodo is free firewall software, which grants a complete solution that is easy to manage. It has an effective barrier that keeps hackers out and personal information in.

Another friend, Maya Elhalal, has created Betamarker, a one stop shop to share and track newly released freeware and shareware for Windows and Mac. At this site, the software is updated almost constantly and may be browsed through by title or category. In addition, there is a community that ranks the different software and uploads additional ones.

What freeware and shareware do you use?

Picture by: Devirto