Revolutionary 30 Year laptop Battery

Betavoltaic Battery

Update: Based on reader’s feedback and comments below, it has come to my attention that there are some inaccuracies within this post. The information was taken from another source (mentioned), but do accept my apologies.

Imagine watching movies on your laptop throughout an entire long distance flight and when stepping off the plane, your battery still has enough power to last at least an additional 29 years and 364 days. Basically, picture your laptop battery lasting 30 years without a single charge. Is this a new technology that will revolutionize our lives?

According to recent Next Energy News, the U.S Air Force Research Laboratory has invented Betavoltaic power cells that would do just that.

Betavoltaic? is that nuclear? Quick answer: NO. These are energy currents honed inside of a battery. The Betavoltaic batteries are an ode to Albert Einstein’s theory of E=MC2, simply a hugely concentrated source of energy. It is like something taken out of a Sci-Fi movie. These batteries do not generate radioactive and other hazardous waste, for they do not produce energy by Fission/Fusion or chemically. Actually, for environmentalists, when the batteries run out of power, they are completely non-toxic. Furthermore, these should be small and thin, and hopefully will be out in 2-3 years.

For scientific explanation as to how the batteries last for such a long periods see here. For additional information of Betavoltaic Technology for you science buffs, see here.