24kt Gold Macbook Pro with Diamonds

24kt Macbook Pro With Gold & DiamondsComputer Choppers provide a customizing service to individuals and businesses around the globe. This is a hobby turned business of modifying computer cases, laptops, and electronics.

The company recently announced their finished project of a gold plated & diamond encrusted Macbook Pro. This laptop is 24 carat gold plated and comes with 3 carat diamond filled apple logo.

How much for this small luxury you are asking?
The price range is approximately $7,000 to $8,000 and includes the laptop itself, but flexibility of services may be arranged. For those interested in gold plating alone, it runs $1,500. You may also select less expensive diamonds to reduce the price to approximately $5500. Moreover, all these modifications barely add on weight to the laptop (only a few ounces because of the diamonds).

For an amazing sweet 16 gift, engagement present, anniversary and more, I think this will get an approval. If you are interested and can afford a golden Mac, here is the company’s contact page. More pictures available on the company website.

Thanks to my friends Zichi and Bonnie for recommending this for a post.

Via Gizmodo