Green for the Environment on Blog Action Day

It’s Blog Action Day! Today is a day where over 14,000 blogs have agreed to take part and write about one issue – Our Environment. While many would agree that this is an important cause, only true intentions would suffice.

We have recently read a wonderful post by Kate entitled “Going Green to Make Green”, where she discusses whether this ‘Green’ trend is just a fad. It seems that the essence of environmental awareness is truly valuable, but many overvalue it. A study by GFK Roper Consulting about environmental awareness confirms the previous statement by figures like the following:

Over 70% of respondents claim that the environment influences most of their commercial decisions, including where they shop, invest their money and more. 40% of Americans are willing to pay more for a product that is perceived to be better to the environment although 55% agree that most of these are not actually better. Furthermore 74% believe these products are too expensive and 61% believe they don’t work as well as others.

Instead of over evaluating, we believe in discussing and promoting products that are good for the environment AND practical and efficient for the everyday consumer. For a product to be beneficial, it should help the environment and the consumer simultaneously. In this situation, the individual will be prone to help and understand more.

There are many companies that produce tech products, consumer electronics and gadgets who are taking advantage of this Green hype and leveraging on the fact that as long as a ‘Green’ tag is within a product description or title, sales would increase. Are all the companies concerned about the environment or perhaps just ride on the bandwagon of this growing trend? Can we truly determine which products help the cause, and which are in it for the money?

We previously posted about USB-rechargeable batteries. While these are somewhat expensive, they are truly practical and environment-friendly. Moreover, in how to fight global-warming from your desktop , Local Cooling offers simple software which tracks your energy usage and proposes energy saving solutions that help you save money while helping the environment.

In order for something to truly receive the Green stamp it must answer to the “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me). If it does so with the consumer, only then will it’s Green nature be perceived as an advantage over another less environment-friendly alternatives.

With so many electronics out there claiming they are for the Green Cause, we would like to hear about the ones that actually are. Only we as consumers can truly say which of our so-called environment friendly electronics we believe actually help us as well. Please let us know your opinions and thoughts about different ‘Green’ products, for we would like to write additional posts about them.

5 thoughts on “Green for the Environment on Blog Action Day

  1. The Walyou Team Post author.

    Hello Kate and Zichi, thank you for your comments.

    @Kate: It was a pleasure to include your post in this one, for we were partly inspired by it. Your outlook is very interesting and thought provoking.

    We Do certainly wish there are more products that combine the benefits to the environment and the consumer. This will definitely drive the consumer to help more.

    Thank you again for your support and kind words.

    @Zichi: 363 days a year is better than most of us. We applaud your dedication and awareness. Thanks again.

  2. zichi.

    Congrats I’m glad someone got it together. I knew about it but I was so busy today, oh well! I do environment 363 days a year. Great blog, keep it up.

  3. Kate.

    Thank you very much for the mention – I’m flattered that you would include me! 🙂

    What you say about the consumer’s skepticism that environmentally friendly products are worth the higher price tag is true and honestly a shame. Too many “fake green” products have skewed the price point for products that have really been carefully produces appropriately (and therefore more expensively). That’s the problem with fads: they are like a train that everyone wants to jump on…

    The problem is the what we have done to the environment already is not a fad, it won’t just fade away. So we need to find a way to allow and encourage, as you say, the best of the green products to rise to the top: and I applaud you for moving toward doing just that!


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