Download Podcasts without a PC

CastGrabber ZuneFor you podcast lovers: Now you can download podcasts straight to your Zune or other Windows Media Player synchronizing players without a PC. CastGrabber makes this possible where an Internet network is available.

Simply plug it in and connect the CastGrabber dock with your portable media player (PMP). Once you determine the podcast topic of your choice, CastGrabber will download it straight to your PMP. You can also set certain subscription to download ahead of time, and like a Tivo it will automatically do it for you. No more downloading podcasts first to your computer and afterwards transferring them to your player.

This is very easy to set up, even for the beginner, no major technical knowledge is required. If you know how to use the Internet, the Zune, and Windows Media Player…then you are good to go. In addition, if your compatible PMP charges by connection of USB, the CastGrabber dock will charge it just the same.

Unfortunately, since it will only works with players using Windows Media Player, not all can be used. For example, the famous iPod is not compatible, as well as thumb drive players. For more information you can check out the CastGrabber support section.

The CastGrabber dock is expected to be available late October for a price of $99.95.