10 Fastest Supercomputers in the World

Working on TrinityImage via: Youtube

The world of supercomputers is a lot more complex than just speed, but for the general public, the best of way of explaining how powerful it is is narrowing its speciality down to speed. And how is speed measured? The highest score measured using the LINPACK benchmarks suite. This is the number that is used to rank the computers. Measured in quadrillions of floating point operations per second, i.e., petaFLOPS. The world is mostly dominated by Cray and IBM supercomputers, although that doesn’t necessarily make them the fastest, especially with the Chinese upping the ante.

Trinity SupercomputerImage via: Youtube

10. Trinity: Trinity is a supercomputer stationed at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, which is one of two laboratories in the United States in which classified work towards the design of nuclear weapons has been undertaken.

Cray SupercomputersImage via: Youtube

Marketed as the Cray XC40 model, it scored 8.101 on the LINPACK benchmarks suite, and has a theoretical peak performance of 11.079 petaFLOPS. It uses the Xeon E5–2698v3 processor, has an Aries interconnect, and operates on the UNICOS operating system.