The Rubik’s Cube Subwoofer

I love these kind of things.

A student decided to build a giant subwoofer in the shape of the infamous Rubik’s Cube. The final piece looks amazing and definitely deserves a double and triple look.

Zachary Paisley began work on this project on July 10th 2007 in order to make a personal addition to his home theater’s sound system. After 80 days, it was completed: the world’s first Rubik’s Cube subwoofer. This ‘small’ project did end up costing a total of $1586.08.

If you are interested to construct a 15″ Direct-Servo subwoofer out of a Rubik’s Cube by yourself, you can find the ‘simple’ 164 step guide including pictures and explanations at the Project Cube site.

Rubik's Cube Subwoofer