A New Phone Concept with Picture Buttons

My Dad always complains that today’s cordless and cell phones are too small. He claims that not only he cannot keep up with the innovative technology, but he is slowly losing the ability to even see it right. Every time he has to make a call, I see him bringing the phone close to his eyes, then away, then he wears his glasses, then removes them. Often he loses his patience and ends up asking me to help him dial or confirm the numbers he entered. This new phone design by Jeong-Kyun Nam will let him call people easily by images and allow him to forget the dialing.

By simple programming, which I would have to assist my Dad with, this phone allows the user to set speed dials based on different images. In turn, the phone book will be comprised of photo buttons that would be used to dial. Simply select the image of the person you would like to call…place it on the call button…and press.

Since my Dad’s sight is good enough to recognize me, I am optimistic that he would be able to recognize the large buttons of this phone.

On second thought, my Mom would also like one of these – this way, she could see her kids every day.

We must always remember that while technology is progressing quickly, some do not adapt as quickly as others. I think this phone concept is pretty cool, for it can help our parents, grandparents and many more
One Button Image DialingVia: Yanko Design