Sleeptracker Watch Wakes You Up When You Are Ready

Ever felt that sleep is overrated or maybe that you never get enough? Sometimes we barely sleep and feel refreshed, and other times we sleep many hours and still feel tired. What if your wrist watch could wake you up when your body is good and rested! What if it could tell when you slept enough, and help you get up and feel great!

Sleeptracker has wristwatches that track your sleep. During your sleep cycles, its sensors can tell when the right time for you to wake up is.

Since the watch is on your wrist, it can sense your different ‘almost awake’ moments and wakes you up when you have passed the necessary sleep cycles and are good to go. You simply set a window of time for your wake up call, and the Sleeptracker watch will monitor when the best time for you to get up during that time.

Moreover, there is the Sleeptracker Pro model, which grants additional features such as: a vibrating and ringing alarm, 90 minute wake-up window, and also a possibility to upload your sleeping patterns to your computer for further inspection.

If you feel like you sleep enough but do not seem to be refreshed, you can read more information on Sleeptracker’s How it Works. The Sleeptracker standard model is priced at Sleeptracker Shop.