The Genius Traveler 915BT Bluetooth Mouse

Traveler 915BT LaserGenius just launched a new Bluetooth wireless mouse. The Traveler 915BT Laser is designed for travelers and executives and is just about the size of a mobile phone. This cool gadget can easily connect to your Bluetooth-enabled notebook and doesn’t require a receiver. It also eliminates cord tangles and gives users ultimate freedom.

The Traveler 915BT laser has two main functions: a regular mouse and a presentation tool. Just press the switch mode button to select which function you would like to use.

For presentations, the following features are available: Laser Pointer, Page up/down, ESC and F5 for refreshing a webpage on a Windows computer. Moreover it has an advanced high precision 1600 dpi laser sensor that can track on many different surfaces, including polished or wood-grain.

This Traveler mouse has a unique metal cover finish that adds the eye-catching appeal, and a 4D scrolling roller that provides fast Internet browsing. It seems convenient and practical.

Via: Engadget