The Genius Traveler 915BT Bluetooth Mouse

Traveler 915BT LaserGenius just launched a new Bluetooth wireless mouse. The Traveler 915BT Laser is designed for travelers and executives and is just about the size of a mobile phone. This cool gadget can easily connect to your Bluetooth-enabled notebook and doesn’t require a receiver. It also eliminates cord tangles and gives users ultimate freedom.

The Traveler 915BT laser has two main functions: a regular mouse and a presentation tool. Just press the switch mode button to select which function you would like to use.

For presentations, the following features are available: Laser Pointer, Page up/down, ESC and F5 for refreshing a webpage on a Windows computer. Moreover it has an advanced high precision 1600 dpi laser sensor that can track on many different surfaces, including polished or wood-grain.

This Traveler mouse has a unique metal cover finish that adds the eye-catching appeal, and a 4D scrolling roller that provides fast Internet browsing. It seems convenient and practical.

Via: Engadget

3 thoughts on “The Genius Traveler 915BT Bluetooth Mouse

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  2. Tal Siach.

    Hi Kate, thanks for coming.
    I myself look for more functionality in less items, but you definitely bring up strong points. In the end, it simply depends on the person’s
    needs and wants and not just the product itself.

  3. Kate.

    Good idea I guess, but for $50 I’d rather have a mouse and separate cheap laser point, myself. It’s not like either item takes up that much room, plus as far as presentation tools go, this looks a bit too bulky to sit comfortably in the hand without distracting the audience. But I’m picky about that kind of stuff…


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