The Cybook ePaper Reading Device of Bookeen

Bookeen 2Read your eBooks with the thin Bookeen reading device.

With the possibilities of the Internet today, many books are released as eBooks. Unless we enjoy sitting for hours (in addition to regularly) in front of the computer screen to read a book, the eBook idea limits us. Some of the really popular ones may get published, and we can always spent a lot of time and money to print them out, but if we want to read away from our desks, we do not have too much choice.

Some of us can download it on our PDAs for future retrieval, but will you actually spend time reading small print from a really small screen? Others may seek the audiobook version, so we could at least hear the book being read. Whatever the “remedy” is, Bookeen provides a marvelous product to read digital books on the go.

This Cybook is a 6 inch, very thin, black and white display that allows you to enjoy the books in a very convenient manner. It also allows comic book fans to read some comics without hurting the condition of the original printed version. The Cybook screen can be read under different lighting including direct sunlight, and the contrast has a paper-like appearance and can be seen from different angles easily without straining your eyes. Moreover, it has a very easy user interface, allowing you to quickly turn pages, look up a word in a dictionary, zoom a document, bookmark pages , and more. Furthermore, it has a quick starting time of 20 seconds, and its battery can last 8000 page turns.

Plenty of content is already available, and it can also synchronize with your RSS Subscriptions. The 64MB internal memory can store approximately 300 standard books in HTML or Text format, and professional or technical documents can be read by Mobipocket or PDF formats. Many languages are supported, but right to left languages (i.e. Hebrew or Arabic) are only possible in PDF, and some others, such as Chinese would require an additional install. By the way, it can also play DRM free MP3s.

The standard Bookeen costs $350 or $450 for the deluxe package which includes a 2GB SD card, a USB charging cable, a leather cover, and earphones. You can check out their shop.

On their site you can find more information, see a few Bookeen videos, and even visit their Blog.