A Kool USB Drive and Rechargeable Lighter

Nathan Gabriele through Yanko Design has created a new design concept of a 2 in 1 electric lighter and USB flash drive. The best part is that it is a Zippo lighter with a Kool logo.

This lighter isn’t like any others. It is electric and generates heat with the built-in resistance coils, working similar to our car lighters. Since this lighter is rechargeable by USB, there is no need to buy cheap lighters over and over again. By pressing on the chamber of the electric ‘flame’ (after it cooled down), a USB connection appears at the bottom of the lighter.

For those that already carry a lighter with them, this new design brings two useful products in one convenient package.

USB Lighter

Via: Gizmodo

7 thoughts on “A Kool USB Drive and Rechargeable Lighter

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  2. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hi Neece,

    You are probably right. It seems like the heat would be a major obstacle in its practicality and safety.
    Currently it is a concept. Perhaps they have left it as that or maybe they are trying to solve it and actually develop it.
    When we know, we will update so.

  3. Neece.

    An interesting concept. I was wondering about the heat from the lighter. It must be pretty hot, right? Well, and this may be a stupid question, wouldn’t that be bad for the USB memory part?
    It seems safer than a regular lighter though, which is cool. (pun intended) And no more disposable lighters is also very neat.

  4. Eran Abramson.

    Hey Justin,

    Technically, you probably could.

    I have many friends that would love to have one of these. To have the USB drive for work, and the lighter for their breaks would be very convenient.


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