3 LCD Screens in 1 Computer from Acme Portable

How great would it be to play a video game, design graphics, edit audio, and more on one 3 screen wide computer?

Acme Portable has designed portable computers that have 3 LCD screens built in. These are used for design, gaming, software and other necessary applications.

The 3 LCD Surround System is a powerful computer with enhanced graphics and mobility, which is folded into one portable box. 3 screens are folded neatly and may be easily expanded for an efficient wide screen effect. For example, the next time you are playing a racing game or a flight simulator, you have 3 separate screens for different sights in the game. These screens are also effortlessly retracted, to fold up neatly and comfortably.

The Box is made of heavy duty metal to protect it from hits, bumps and other incoming peril. Furthermore, a keyboard and mouse are also included as the entire system is integrated into one piece. It is a complete solution for having a multi-screen computer with you on the go.