Face Recognizing Machine Decides if you are Old Enough to Smoke

Face Recognizing Vending Machine

There are so many different vending machines available. We pass by many that sell drinks, food, ice cream and candy, even automated kiosks that sell gadgets and electronics (usually located at airports).

I Must admit, I have never seen a face recognizing machine!

Vending machines are technologically developing more and more. I remember it began with paying with coins, then bills, then a credit card, sometimes with a cell phone and now your thumb can pay for gas as well. Although the latter is not a vending machine, it illustrates an additional possible payment method. With that, vending machines are simply becoming more and more technologically advanced.

Now there is a new vending machine being developed in Japan that will include face recognition software to determine if cigarette purchasers are old enough to smoke.

While cigarette vending machines are very convenient to many, its vulnerability is granting the ability for minors to buy cigarettes as well.

When a client requests a purchase, a camera will take a picture and based on wrinkles, sagging around the eyes and additional criteria will determine whether to sell the cigarettes or not. Textually mentions that in a test with over 500 people ranging from teenagers to 60 year olds, the machine was 90% accurate. In times when the vending machine cannot make a viable decision, it requests an ID, so it can compare the picture it took with the ID for authentication.

I must admit that this sounds pretty amazing. I am personally looking forward to see aditional technological innovations.

Via: Sci Fi Tech