No More Messy and Tangled Earphones

I always wondered when would a practical product be designed to keep our earphones untangled and easily accessible. Finally it happened!

Throughout the years, no matter how much effort I put into packing or unpacking my earphones, they would always end up getting tangled. I remember wrapping them around the walkman when I was young, nowadays it is the mp3 player, and it would always be messed up when I unravel it.. We can all remember the times when a knot turned into many different ones. We start to mess with all the wires, moving them around and through loops, so finally our earphones would be free and loose. Sometimes it would be easy to untangle, sometimes it would be time consuming and frustrating.

This is a Broadhong Design, and Jaehyung Hong has created an earphone holder that neatly keeps them organized. When you are finished listening, simply place them in the holder and lock them in place. Since the cords are placed through the holder, they are held in place correctly and efficiently.

Enough is enough…no more messy and tangled earphones!

Via: Yanko Design