Your Pet Information on USB

How convenient would it be to have your pet’s care information, owner contact details, and veterinary charts on a small USB flash drive strapped on your pet’s collar?

There are many pet identification possibilities, ranging from the simple collar tags that are most common, to embedded microchips that many view as a cruel alternative.

In case your dog or cat is lost, sick, or being taken care of by others (while you are vacationing), this will have the important information stored on USB. The data can be accessed anytime by a simple plug-in to any computer USB connection.

The Pet Safe Micro I.D Collar for Dogs or Cats costs $42.99. Price can vary based on your pet’s neck size.

For those of you who would like to have the peace of mind of having the relevant pet information available in case your pet is lost or needs caring for, this could be a good solution.

Via: Zedomax