Sim City Societies is Greener and Launching Next Week

The classic and loved game Sim City has new and exciting core values: productivity, prosperity, creativity, spirituality, authority, and knowledge.

As a child, I played this game many times, in order to aspire and build a better working city – A place of a temporary Utopia. As much as I played, I realized that it is just a game; it cannot be a Utopia, but just a rough draft.

The new Sim City Societies of Electronic Arts (EA) grants the freedom to build a better tomorrow. A player has all the tools in order to create a Capitalist city, or even a Hippy world. Based on the values you place first when building the city, you can see how it works by the energy of its society. Are your citizens happy and productive? The game allows you to experience a city’s evolution, with different changes. The game maker understood that there are different reactions to separate climatic changes such as how electricity would react during winter or summer weather.

For this project, EA has joined forces with BP to create a simulation that is more in touch with effects of pollution and other energies. According to the company, they provided knowledge to implement different reactions due to “…local pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and the willingness of people to live next to energy-producing facilities…”. It places the ability in the player hands – how environmentally friendly will your city be?

Sim City Societies will be out on November 13th. You may purchase and watch a video demonstration. There are also 3 additional cities (MegaCorp Housing, SkyRise Apartments, and Sleep Tubes Deluxe) given for Windows pre-orders.

Via: Boing Boing and Scientific American, image courtesy of Electronic Arts.