Find Online Content Using Your Camera Phone

KooabaHave you ever walked by an interesting or funny advertisement and wanted to find out more? Is this a movie, a store, or a musical band? If you were in a hurry, you may have not been able to connect to the Internet and search for that item. What if one picture with your camera phone could grant you the digital content you are seeking!

Kooaba offers a cool and handy service. Simply take a picture with your cell phone camera, send it to them, and receive the relevant online content back to your phone. Think of it as a hyperlink in the real world, provided by your camera phone.

More information about How It Works on Kooaba, and the different picture scenarios that would be sufficient to receive valuable content. For example, if someone disrupts the image of the photo, if the picture is small, if you were able to snap only a corner, and other scenarios.

This is what I call getting more with what we already have. Our camera phone can now give us easier access to the online world.

Via: Crunch Gear