Radiohead Albums on One USB


Radiohead made big news with their recent release of their “In Rainbows” album as a pay what you feel concept. They offered the possibility to either purchase the actual CD or download the music DRM free for a price that you decide (as low as free or as high as you wish).

For those that are also interested in the previous albums, they are now available as a box set, in a USB drive or a 320 kbps DRM free download. These also come with some additional live recordings, which are not available on the regular albums.

Unlike In Rainbows, this is not free. The Box Set goes for $83, the download is $73, and the 4GB weird looking USB is a whopping $166.

For those that do not have the albums yet, shame on you, for the die-hard collectors…fork out your wallets.


Via: Sci Fi Tech