This Umbrella Helps you Forecast the Weather

Wouldn’t it be nice if your umbrella could tell you it is about to rain?

The winter is quickly here and sometimes it is hard to decide weather an umbrella is needed. It may be somewhat sunny out but a high chance of rain, or it may be cloudy with a low chance.

The Ambient Forecasting Umbrella helps you determine whether taking the umbrella along is a good idea. It has a wireless receiver that gets updated weather forecasts from Accuweather for 150 U.S locations. Based on the blue glowing LED enabled handle, one can realize the chances of precipitation in your area: If there is a high chance, the handle will flash quickly, with a low chance it will flash slowly.

In addition to the technology, the umbrella is well made. Its size is 58″ with a gust buster to resist strong winds, and an easy push button to open it up.

This umbrella is powered by just a single “C” battery and may be found at ThinkGeek for $99.99.