A Robotic Luggage that Follows You

Do you hate carrying your luggage at the airport? Are you sick of waiting in line and having to pick up your suitcase every minute when the line advances only 4 inches? ‘Tony’ the Robotic Luggage is willing to help with that.

Robotronic.ru have been working on a robotic luggage that will follow you around. This robot, named Tony, has enough power to continuously roll for 2 hours and during an incline. Its different infrared and ultrasound sensors can determine whether it has reached stairs or a balcony edge to require it to stop. These different sensors also help Tony avoid different obstacles and traffic.

This robot follows a card that you may simply place in your pocket. In case this card is stolen, Tony will let you know by an alarm that will go off.

Planned to be released in 2009, Tony has a preliminary price of approximately $2000.

Via: Geekologie