Dell Offers Sun Microsystems’ Solaris Operating System

Recently announced, The computer giant Dell will offer Solaris Operating System (OS) downloads from their site and will also pre-install it on some rack server models.

This move will brings Dell further away from the Windows to use open operating systems such as Linux. In addition, it brings Sun Microsystems to be offered to Dell clients.

Solaris is “a free and open UNIX operating system, available as a free download for both x86 and SPARC systems”. It offers many free applications to end users, and to as many computers that require so.

For more information on Solaris, you can check out their Features page (security, observability, performance, data management, and more) and FAQ’s.

I wonder how much this move will hurt Microsoft since Dell is a major distributor who will now offer Solaris on many PC’s instead of Windows?

Via: Electronista, picture by cedled