Is This How We Will Use Our Cell Phones in the Future?

If talking on our cell phone is considered hazardous to our health, is standing by a person who is talking on their cell bad for me as well? Would this be considered “passive cellphoner”?

I live in Israel, and currently there is a big issue surrounding passive smoking in bars and restaurants. Recently more and more public places are being fined hundreds of dollars allowing their customers to smoke in their place. Bars and coffee shops are removing ashtrays from the counters and even mall enforcement increased, to make sure the ban stays true.

We are aware of the health issues related to smoking, however we always hear that our daily electronics or products can affect our health as well. I won’t be saying anything new when I mention the claim that cell phones are hazardous to us, and that their reception may cause severe damage in the future. When I go out to public places I always wonder what people do more frequently, smoke? or talk on their cell phone? I believe that cellulars are the winners of this round.

So in this case I wonder, is there a “passive cellphoner” clause? If you talk on the cell phone by me, am I also affected from the reception? Will your excessive use of the cell phone be hazardous to my health?

Perhaps our future will end up looking like the picture below:

Cellphone Booth

12 thoughts on “Is This How We Will Use Our Cell Phones in the Future?

  1. Tal Siach.

    Hi Wayne, thank you very much for your comment.

    I agree that cell phones and such do have a physical effect on us, but I do not think we have even realized what it will be just yet. I just hope it will not cause severe damage.

    With Cell phones becoming more technologically advanced, with digital cameras, bluetooth, gps, and more, I just wonder if the consequences would even be worst.

    Let’s hope not 🙂

  2. Wayne Smallman.

    We all know that a lot of money has been spent to research the possible effects of mobile phone usage as a causal factor in certain illnesses, such as cancers.

    We also know that a lot of money might well have been spent to hide or hinder this research, too.

    Look at it this way: 100 years ago, about the only time you’d expect to be hit by microwave or radio waves would be when the very distant remains of a star in its death throws were ejected in our very general direction.

    Now, we’re routinely the source of many microwave and radio shadows, not least from power lines, computers, microwave ovens et cetera, as well as mobile phones.

    The end result is that there must be some kind of effect on our health…

  3. Tal Siach.

    Hi Rony John, Neece, and Eddie, thank you for your comments.

    I agree that this is pretty funny. I admit that I exaggerated but in this crazy world, we can never know.


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