Make Your Own Digital Frame Using an Old Computer

Although I originally lagged on the enthusiasm, I became a fan of digital picture frames. This DIY project will allow you to build one yourself by your standards.

Digital Picture Frames are so space efficient, and the resolution has become amazing and continues to improve. It is really fun to have different pictures changing frequently and being able to look at them by other means other than sitting by ALL your relatives and flipping through a book with small photos. Now these frames have improved the storage ability, the connectivity and the frame size, which is the real kicker.

Don’t want to spend money on a ready made Digital frame? Searching for a fulfilling do it yourself project? or would you like a larger sized frame? This is one cool project for a Homebuilt Digital Picture Frame. This requires an old computer, an LCD screen (which is the expensive part of the project) and some intermediate computer knowledge and can be very fun.

Although this DIY project is somewhat expensive, it does allow further customization of the size and look of the screen. It is an alternative to the regular store purchased frames.

Via: DIYLife