Bring Sunshine to Your Room with Bright Blind

Would you like more sunshine in your room? Does your room have no windows for the sun to come in? Now there’s a ‘pretend’ window you can just put up on the wall.

Makoto Hirahara designed the Bright Blind, which is a fake window for overworked individuals who are stuck all day long in a windowless room; it creates a clever illusion of sunlight. This window uses electroluminescent sheets to present the appearance of bright light, similar to the sun. If the light gets a bit too bright, simply adjust the blind as you would with a real one.

Although many places claim Bright Blind is just a concept for now, gnr8 mention that these custom-made windows are currently available. Whether it is a finished product or a concept, this is pretty cool, don’t you think?

Bring Sunshine in Your Room with Bright Blind

Via: Crave

21 thoughts on “Bring Sunshine to Your Room with Bright Blind

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  2. SadPanda.

    It would be so cool if I simply could create the illusion that I’m not a lemming anymore that plunges to death every single day. Just to make my boss a little richer.

    Gee, really thanks for this really cool thing that doesn’t even exit.

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  4. Free Tarot.

    Dear Shandooga:

    > “such self-deception is expected from Americans”

    Last time I checked Makoto Hirahara was a Japanese name. But how would you know coming from a place where no foreigners would want to be?

  5. David Dunn.

    Nice idea, could prove difficult in those business meetings when your colleague doesn’t know it isn’t real and tries to have a look out of it ๐Ÿ˜€

    Definitely a great idea for those small, dark, window-less rooms.

  6. Tal Siach.

    Thank you very much for your comments.

    I believe it is a cool idea if no windows are ready. I guess it could be considered self-deception, since a real window would probably be the best solution. Sometimes though, a window may not be able to be made.

  7. Tal Siach.

    Hey Neece,

    I think that just adding a little light to a windowless room would do good for people. By giving the illusion of it being a window, it could create a good feeling as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Neece.

    Nice find, Tal. This would be very cool for a windowless room. I wonder if they generate the kind of full spectrum light that would be good for people as well?


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