How To Make Your Own Lie Detector

I just came across this great do-it-yourself tutorial by the famous hacker Kipkay.

The video below illustrates how to build a fun and cheap lie detector, which according to Kipkay truly works and can easily be built.

I play poker a lot, and my friends always laugh and say that since I successfully bluff a lot, I could probably trick a lie detector. I am not sure if that is possible or not (hopefully it is… ) but maybe now we can test my friends’ claims. Especially since this project looks really fun to do.

If you decided to give it a shot let us know how it went, and please don’t lie….I will be able to tell.

15 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Lie Detector

  1. Megha.

    Hello I liked your informations about different technologies but I required some special to make home made like detector so can you help me for it?Actually I’m in final year of IT so I have to make prj.

  2. Daryl.

    It works on the basis that skin resistance is lowered when we sweat,

    as its commonly believed we sweat when we lie then therefore this unit “should”

  3. jack.

    Thanks this is very helpful I am making a lie detector and doing many experiments on a lie detector for science fair so this is very helpful

  4. Geanne.

    I love it?but does it really works?… does it works? how did u know it really works??soree if i have alot of questions….I’m wondering maybe i could do this for my science project=)

  5. Tal Siach.

    Hi Sasha and Denise, thank you both for visiting.

    @Sasha: I am really happy you enjoy our Blog, thanks for the support. Hope to see you soon.

    @Denise: It may not be too practical on the surface, but could actually be used for fun, such as a party game.


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