How To Boost Your Cellular Signal

Does this sound familiar? You want to make a quick phone call and as soon as you begin dialing, your cell reception drops, showing you have no signal at all. Just like Murphy’s Law, this call is probably really important also.

The neat video below is a step by step tutorial showing you how to boost your cellular signal. It is a cool do it yourself video made by Hoopajoo Labs, which have a nice blog on hacks, hints and downloads to make your life easier.

Enjoy the video!

27 thoughts on “How To Boost Your Cellular Signal

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  2. carlos.

    el video no aparece U.u alguien me podria hacer el favor de ilustrarme a armar la antena con una especie de guia o fotos o algo por el estilo ” . ”


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  7. Tal Siach.

    Hi Everyone, thank you all for visiting and commenting.

    This cool diy will work with cellphones that have an external antenna.

    Since I am not certain if it will work in some frequencies and not others, I would try it out on an old cellphone to experiment.

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