A Phone and Media Player Concept with a Flexible Screen

Would you like to wear your cellphone on your wrist? or perhaps it would be comfortable hung like a necklace instead of bulking up your pocket? A new concept by James Zhang hopes to give you some additional flexibility.

The Connext is an All-in-one concept that combines the OLED touchscreen technology with the adaptability and flexibility of E-Paper. It hopes to be a cellphone, multimedia player, watch, and more.

The pictures below illustrate the different shapes this concept is envisioned to have (additional picture at link). You may easily fold it to fit around your wrist like a watch, hang it from your neck, or place it in your pocket like our regular cellphones.

One of the pictures presents Playstation like buttons that make me wonder if Sony will consider adapting this concept to the long-time rumor of a PSP phone.


Via: Yanko Design