A Pirate Fight: Bill Gates Against Steve Jobs

In a fight between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who will win?

This great cartoon presents a funny interaction of the two powerful CEOs of Microsoft and Apple.

Who’s back do you have?

Please note: The video contains a few remarks that some audience may find offensive; Please watch at your own discretion.

Via: Pushapixel

8 thoughts on “A Pirate Fight: Bill Gates Against Steve Jobs

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  3. well-howdy-doo.

    to Neece:
    When is microsoft actually going to deliver agood product? vista??? windows is currently the weakest os in production.

  4. Neece.

    I totally agree, Tal. It takes all kinds of people to make the world wonderful and interesting. 🙂
    Thanks for making me feel so welcome here at Walyou. 🙂

  5. Tal Siach.

    Hi Justin and Neece, good to see you.

    @Justin: It is a pleasure. This video is hilarious.

    @Neece: I thought this video was funny and hoped some others would agree. Unfortunately, we cannot always agree 😉

    Anyways, we are really happy to see you at Walyou again.

  6. Neece.

    Hmm… I don’t often disagree with you, Tal, but I found this video to be really lame. 😛
    Personally I like having both Mac AND PC in the market, because it means that there isn’t “quite” a monopoly and “hopefully” both companies will keep trying hard to bring good products to consumers.
    This little video makes Jobs look like a psychopath and Gates look like a hapless nerd, neither of which is accurate in my humble opinion, thereby rendering it ineffectual as entertainment.


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