Connect the Brix Phones together for a Larger Media Screen

Would you like your media player to have a larger screen? Would it sound fun to connect cellphones together to create a better media player? The Brix concept thrives to provide that to cellphone owners.

I remember having a number of different Transformers‘ toys as a kid, some original and some knockoffs. There were sometimes sets you could purchase, which allowed you to combine different transformers to create one, bigger and better transformer toy. This same thing may be seen in a number of different Anime films, where the heroes (or villains) of the show combine their power to become a bigger force to be reckoned with. I always loved that, for it easily brought in a new feature (and character). This would be pretty cool with our products, wouldn’t it?

Seokwon Hong has designed a touchscreen only cellphone concept. The Brix cellphone is aimed at granting the ability to have a larger screen for media, with the mobility of a regular cellphone. It is designed to be connected with other Brix phones like Lego bricks in order to combine the screens to become one bigger and wider screen. You will be able to share your cellphone viewing area with friends and family, so the products combined will create the bigger TV. The vision is to make it so more and more Brix can be added to enhance the viewing experience even more.

If this Brix concept does see the light of day, it will surely grant us more usability from a daily used item. It would really be nice to be able to watch or play video games with friends on a large screen, without having to carry it around. For more information and images, check out Yanko Design.


Via: TechEBlog