A Mini Spy Camera Hidden in a Pen

Have you ever fantasized about being a spy? Have you ever wished you could have those spy gadgets that James Bond has? Before we begin a conversation about laser wristwatches, cellphones that are also actual remotes for cars, or any other crazy gadget, let’s start small with a mini spy camera.

By the way, watching, listening, and recording someone else’s words or actions may sound a little intriguing but we should just stay with this as a fun factor.

The Wireless Spy Camera Pen is just what it sounds like. This is a little regular sized pen that will allow you to record friends and family easily and inconspicuously. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, and is easily turned on and off by a twist of the top. In addition, the wireless connectivity grant you the ability to watch the recordings on an actual media screen, while away from the subject.

This pen is priced at $329 and comes with both a solar charger and a wireless receiver to watch your recordings on. For more information or to purchase, check out Chinavision.


15 thoughts on “A Mini Spy Camera Hidden in a Pen

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  7. Eran Abramson.

    Hi everyone, thank you for visiting.

    I would love to try out this product and see how great the resolution and usability are. Of course, being a spycam, it allows different things to be recorded in a concealed state, therefore, some ethics may be questioned.
    I hope that people could really use this product for the fun factor with proper care.

    Happy Holidays 🙂

  8. Dress Differently.

    Hmmm, guess women will either not care and continue wearing their same underwear or they will change their undergarments. Simple as that.


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