5 Great Firefox Add-ons

FirefoxI fell in love with Firefox approximately one year ago, during my final year in College. In this last year, I studied about the Internet, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, and was introduced to Firefox not as a browser, but as a library of productive add-ons. I am aware that not all add-ons are efficient, but many of the ones I found have been time savers and simply heaven sent.

There are five Add-ons that I found are either fun, productive, or both.

  • The download Statusbar show you the status of things being downloaded from the net in a small area right above the taskbar.
  • I always loved the mouse gestures app that allows you to perform different browsing tasks by different movements and click combinations of the mouse. For example, a simple right click and upward movement will open up a new tab in your browser.
  • Extension Room is a way for you to keep your bookmarks updated and synchronized if you use more than one computer.
  • For music lovers there is FoxyTunes, which grants you the ability to play your music (of different media players) within your browser.
  • Lastly, but surly very important is Greasemonkey. This application keeps releasing new updates that let you customize and add different features to things such as your Gmail and more.

If you are already using these or are seeking more choices, there is a great list of 50 Firefox Add-ons by Techdo.

There are so many Firefox add-ons developed out there, many keeping in mind simplicity and artifice. Are there any amazing ones that this list leaves out, and you would highly recommend? Let us know which are your favorites in the comments.