A Simple and Clever Cellphone Holder

While charging our cellphones at home or on a business trip, we sometimes place our phones in an inconvenient area that it may get stepped on or messed with.

More than once I have plugged my phone charger in the wall socket, only to have the wire and phone simply lying on the carpet at harm’s way. It is so easy to step on or trip over the cord since it is in the way. I am aware that some of us have actual cradles for our phones, or charge them by USB, but either way, this cellphone holder is intuitive and extremely practical.

This cellphone holder is offered by a company that is called Solutions, which provides “products that make life easier”. It is simply a holder than hangs on the actual plug of the charger, which in turn holds the phone in one place (See picture). It reminds me of the “Do Not Disturb” door signs but much more productive. It uses space a lot more efficiently and intelligently. With no extra force or power, this holder keeps both your cellphone from being accidentally damaged or the cord from endangering any walking bystanders.

As I mentioned many times before…I simply love ideas that give us more for less such as the TV Packaging which is also a TV Stand. In this case, a great tool is provided, while not requiring additional effort and ingenuity from our side. This product costs only $7.95 and is available for purchase here.

What other products do you use that provide you additional utility without any additional effort on your behalf?

Cellphone Holder

Via: Ubergizmo