Roll a Book in Your Pocket

Are books becoming an annoyance instead of a convenience?

Reading has always been a large part in my life. I like to take a book with me to a doctor’s appointment, while traveling, and any other place that I may find a few minutes to read an extra page or two. Paperbacks have always been my choice because their size; I can take them with me everywhere a lot easier than a hardcover.

Nowadays, there are many different alternatives available, from listening to audibooks on your mp3 players to reading ebooks on the Amazon Kindle or Cybook. Still, if you want to actually read a book but have the portability of an MP3 player, than a combination of the two is needed. If you could design something that would grant you so, what would it be like? Would it be small and compact like an MP3 player? Would it still have actual readable text on it? Well…someone has thought of it and has designed it.

Polymer Vision, a company spin off of Philips, has created the Readius. This device will include a rollable display that will be expanded to a screen larger than the device itself, 5 inches to be exact. In addition, it has four digital gray colors, for different reading views. You can watch a short demonstration video of the Readius below.

I would love to have one of these. The ability to have a book with me at all times, without the bulk and nuisance would be amazing. Perhaps it will be like the ebook readers that will let us take many books with us in one compact device.

Via: TechEBlog

2 thoughts on “Roll a Book in Your Pocket

  1. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hi Jordan, thank you for your comment.

    I am with you. I am interested in seeing further development of the Readius. Will it hold up, will the text actually be readable, is it convenient for use, will it roll back up quickly and make things a hassle?
    For now, I am extremely interested in the concept and current progress…I have my fingers crossed, hoping this will be well developed.

  2. Jordan.

    I want to see one of these in real use and see how well it holds up over time. It might look awesome when they control it but may break down after a couple of days.


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