Elvis the Robot Cat

If your pet lost its hind legs, what would you do for it? Would you figure out a way, so it could move freely? Would you build it an electric chariot to ride in? Allow me to introduce Elvis…the cat and its chariot.

Elvis the cat had a bad experience with a truck that left it without its rear legs. Instead of leaving the cat immobile and depressed, its owner Carlo Bertocchini built an electric box for Elvis to ride in. By the use of two separate buttons, Elvis is able to navigate and roll around the house.

This is definitely an innovative and amazing way for a person to profess their love for their pets. The video below is both entertaining and heartwarming. It truly expresses the owner’s care for Elvis.

The video does show Elvis driving and riding, but it seems it rather likes going in circles. The speed of the chariot is pretty quick and smooth, and Elvis seems to be getting the hang of it. Do you think Elvis is one happy cat?